fancyBox and Easy Image Gallery v1.1

Up until this point, Easy Image Gallery has been packaged with fancyBox 2. Unfortunately I completely overlooked the licensing of fancyBox 2, which is licensed under the Creative Commons license. Non-GPL licensed software cannot be hosted on the WordPress repository and because of this, I’ve replaced fancyBox 2 with fancyBox 1, which is GPL licensed.

If you’d like to add fancyBox 2 back into the plugin, simply download the free Easy Image Gallery Extend plugin. After activation, you’ll find fancyBox 2 (as well as Colorbox) under the plugin’s settings.

Shop Front updated to v1.0.4

Shop Front, a free theme for Easy Digital Downloads has been updated to v1.0.4. You can read the full release notes from the Shop Front theme page.

Shop Front, a free theme for Easy Digital Downloads has been updated to v1.0.4. You can read the full release notes from the Shop Front theme page. Here’s some important things to note:

Contact page template removed

The contact form page template has been removed to adhere to WordPress Theme Review guidelines. A contact form is deemed plugin territory so a free Shop Front Contact plugin has been created that will add the contact form back for you.

Simpler button hovers

In previous versions of Shop Front, buttons had a CSS3 box shadow applied to the button’s hover effect. This has now been removed in order to keep the theme cleaner and easier to override from your own styling.

If you preferred the old effect, a CSS file has been provided in the child theme’s “style” folder that will put this back to how it was. This file will show up in the Theme Customizer under “Styling” for you to use, or you can copy the CSS to your own stylesheet.

You can update Shop Front via:

  1. Automatic updates (if you’ve entered the license key)
  2. By logging in and downloading the files again from your download history
  3. By downloading Shop Front again, it’s free!


Shop Front My Account updated to v1.0.1

The Shop Front My Account plugin has been updated to v1.0.1.

Since Easy Digital Downloads v1.6 phased out the need for the download_history shortcode, the download history section has also been removed from this plugin. If you are seeing what looks like duplicate information (purchase history and download history) then this update will fix that. All the download’s information can now be viewed by clicking on “View Details and Downloads”.

This update also introduces automatic updates to keep the plugin fit and healthy. To get a license key, simply download the free plugin again and activate it from Appearance → Theme License.